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A Pleasant Customer Care Experience

Some days ago, I received a notice from the Mapo Post Office with the bill for residence tax(?). Last Tuesday, I went to the Post Office which is just a few buildings away from where I live to pay for it. The amount is very minimal so I didn’t make further inquiries regarding the bill.

I had the most pleasant customer care experience!

The first man I approached to ask which window I should transact with cannot understand English but he smilingly told me to wait and a few seconds later he was with another man who showed a lot of eagerness to assist me. In his struggling English, he instructed me which window to go to. He even got a number for me. Aside from wanting to pay for my bill, I went there with a lot of questions to ask. I was actually hesitant to ask since the man is obviously just struggling to understand and speak to me in English.

I got my answers and more. He was just the nicest government employee I am happy to have the chance to encounter. I asked about the rates for packages to be sent to the Philippines. He gave me a brochure in English… and explained the table (fees) to me. He also offered the information that the brochure only contains the rates for Express Mail Service. Regular rates are not printed but are available through the counters. And he asked a lady in one of the counters… and wrote down the information for me. He also led the way to the counter which called my number. Until I got out of the post office, he was there to open the door for me. Don’t you just love being treated that way?

In one of our coffee time, some members of the Pinoy Seoulites offered the observation that customer service here in Seoul, even in government offices, is really satisfactory. I agree with that. I went to the Immigration Office in Mokdong and I absolutely have nothing bad to say about the people behind the counter and the service. Very efficient.

I heard a lot of complaints from my Korean friends about Korean taxi drivers. One personal experience makes me disagree.. at least regarding this one taxi driver I encountered. My Filipino part-time nanny and I did our grocery for my son’s birthday last year. While we were putting the boxes in the trunk of the taxi, the cart was left by my nanny and moved towards the taxi. There was a dent left by the impact. I was afraid that the driver will make a scene. He didn’t. On the contrary, he was very soft-spoken and he brought us to my place where my husband was waiting to talk with him. Everything ended well… we paid him 100,000-won for the damage. It was a very small amount but hubby managed to negotiate:-).

The banks are very easy to deal with. No fuss transactions. I wrote about my experience with a bank here in Seoul in this post.

The power of one pleasant customer care experience! It brings back good thoughts of living here in Seoul:-)

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6 thoughts on “A Pleasant Customer Care Experience

  1. “The banks are very easy to deal with.”

    – Agree. As far as my experience is concern, they are good and very helpful.

    And most of the bank tellers..are HOT 🙂 oot hehe

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