What’s your Scent?

Over the years, I had been looking for the right scent for me. I am allergic, that’s why. Perfumes were greatly avoided for a long time, save for special occasions where putting on a perfume was deemed necessary.

Even at work, I had to content myself with mild colognes. Victoria’s Secret (VS) was the safest for my allergy. Good thing Victoria’s Secrets has many smells to choose from. Though I had been contented with VS scents, I can’t help but long for real perfumes. You know, smell like a woman and feel like a woman:-).

Really, there’s something about perfumes which could make you feel like you’re a man or a woman of the world. Sophisticated! So, this is a good time to Talk Perfume. The one and only womanly perfume permeating the senses of my husband (I asssume!) is Channel No. 5. I am just so grateful the scent does not trigger any allergic reaction from me. Plus, don’t you just love imagining you’re Nicole Kidman? At least in scent, I am her.

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3 thoughts on “What’s your Scent?

  1. Most of my male friends like Channel no.5 too I dunno why. I love Estee Lauder (Pleasure), Ralph Lauren (Romance), Burbbery (for women) and Burbbery Contradiction (for men). My sis and I love wearing some men’s perfume sometimes.

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  2. kkk.. i got gifts of bottles of VS and bath&bodyworks before coming here and just brought the mildly scented.. yes, i’m allergic too to perfumes and they also trigger my migraine. i used polo sport and hugo for women because of their delicate yet sporty scent.. and jovan musk but i was advised to stop them because they trigger my allergies…

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  3. im also allergic to perfumes plus it also triggers my migraine…..my best option is also victoria’s secret or other mild colognes…better yet nothing at all…kkkk..

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