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Website for Expats in Korea

Cathy mentioned a good website for expats over lunch last Sunday. I only got to visit it this morning while my Little Dynamo keeps on bargaining for more time in his bubble bath.

How I wish I knew about this website sooner. It is called Korea4expats. I would definitely make sure to have a busy summer now that I know where to find swimming pools. When I was pregnant, I wanted to swim regularly as this is the best exercise for pregnant women. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a suitable pool for me. The website recommends some places and I could enroll the Little Dynamo in a swimming class. Exciting!

There are many helpful topics in the website. In my case, tips concerning children are very helpful. There are many parks to go around, some schools to check into, activities and places that we could engage in and go to. Helpful tips for new residents would really be useful. Check out the garbage disposal article. When I was new here, I was actually impressed with the system and the discipline Koreans have with regards to waste segregation. But I have to admit that it was too much of a hassle for me. I got used to it after sometime and I now wish that the same discipline could be done in the Philippines. Hoping…

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