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Time for a Cookie Jar

Today isn’t a bright day here in Seoul… and since my Little Dynamo loves baking with me, we entertained ourselves with… baking orange cookies!

We’ve had several baking moments already that’s why he always gets perked up with the idea of baking. I never thought the kitchen would be a fun place with a toddler. My Little Dynamo would climb up on the counter table and insist that he holds the spatula. He excitedly exclaims that he is baking when in fact we are just beating:-). He would try to mimic when I turn the electric mixer on and off. The best part for him is when he will be allowed to taste the cheese and sugar mixture when it is already creamy. Oh, such little treats add twinkle to his eyes!

Today was the first time we baked cookies. As we were waiting for the next batch of cookies, we pulled a chair in front of the oven and my son sat on my lap. We were munching on the first batch of cookies… with a glass of coke. Oh yeah, my two year old drinks coke!

What do you talk about with a two-year old, on your lap, over a cup of coke and some cookies? Silly and petty exchanges to some but (wow!) a moment like this is such a ‘bond-builder’ it brings simple joys. How I wish my husband is here to share it with us. But as my toddler says, “Daddy is working… again… because… Daddy needs to buy food… and milk”. See? Life is so simple in the eyes of a child:-).

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15 thoughts on “Time for a Cookie Jar

  1. The author has written an informative post. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like a universal truth that you can not argue with. Thanks for the insight.

  2. hi modern mommy, “how could life get any better right?” – you’re so right. that’s exactly how i felt when we were waiting for the cookies and my son was in my lap:-).

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