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Sweating and Thinking in the Gym

For more than three months, I didn’t have the energy to go to the gym. It started when my son got sick last November and I can’t get out of bed when he’s still sleeping. He just constantly cried out for me. It was also the start of the cold climate. Waking up so early was almost a sin. Then, off we went to the Philippines for our month-long vacation. Just as I started to go to the gym in Iloilo, my dermatologist told me to rest as I had skin allergy from stress and change of climate (duh!). When my allergy settled down, Little Dynamo and I packed our bags for Manila.

I started going to the gym this week:-) Consistently every morning after my husband is done with his own workout. When I’m back from the gym, my husband and my son would already be having their own morning chit-chat. It would be a busy day from then on, what with my Little Dynamo all around the house already.

The gym is the only place where I allow myself to watch TV. Doing cardio on the treadmill is not the most exciting activity to be in especially if the windows only offer the view of another building. I actually do more weights than cardio but I am just conditioning myself again this week so I just do running in the morning. To entertain myself, I watch TV. And I always tune in to the English channels… and Korean cable offers very few English channels:-)

While doing cardio this morning, I got to think about my son going to daycare very soon. I am actually very excited for him. He is so ready for it. He just loves to be with other children. Much as he wants to be with other children these days, he could not talk much to them. He would often tell them what to do when they play but the other kids would just stare. Or he plays, and he plays comfortably, with older boys. Going to daycare would be a good opportunity for him to learn Korean… and he is excited to teach Daddy and Mommy how to speak Korean:-). Three to four hours a day without my son isn’t such a bad idea. I am so excited that WE are both ready for this stage. I am ready to let him be on his own as I know I am no longer enough for his growth.

The next step would be to find the perfect daycare for him. On Monday, we will be sitting-in with the daycare which, I think, could cater to his development. I can’t wait! I can’t wait!

This morning, I watched Korean news on TV. It was actually a blessing in disguise that I didn’t like the English movie being shown so I browsed on the channels and came to thinking “why shoudn’t I try to watch and listen to Korean news?” Stop resisting the Korean language. When my son grows older, he would need me to read and teach him Korean. And my! My Korean reading skills is way below the nursery level, ugh!

Thirty minutes of daily cardio with Korean TV might not be so bad, after all!

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