Oscar Season and My Favorite Most Nominated Actresses

February 22 is two weeks away. The 81st Oscars!

Kate Winslet is on her sixth nomination for Best Actress this year for her role as a Nazi concentration guard in the movie “The Reader”. Movie watchers were actually expecting her to be nominated for her movie with Leonardo diCaprio “Revolutionary Road”. My best wishes for her to win.

Her previous five nominations were:

  1. Sense and Sensibility – 1995
  2. Titanic – 1997
  3. Iris – 2001
  4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – 2004
  5. Little Children – 2006

I am definitely going to pester my husband into watching “Doubt”. This will be a different Meryl Streep from the last movie I saw her in,┬áthe musical “Mama Mia”. Goodness gracious! This is her 12th Oscar nomination for the Best Actress category! She has 3 nominations, and won one of them, for best supporting actress. Here’s the complete list of her Oscar record. Talent!

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