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If Koreans will have their way, almost all of the parents would want their child/ren to go to Ivy League universities in the US. The English language is a national obsession. English hagwons are everywhere here in South Korea. As early as seven (7) years old, children are being sent out to other countries, alone, to study English. We experienced being requested to bring along a 10-year old girl to the Philippines to study English and live with a family she has never met. You could just imagine the tears of the girl in the airport while saying goodbye to the mom.

South Korea’s economy and the Korean won are hit the hardest, in Asia, by the current global crisis. Not a few parents cancel their plans of sending their children in English-speaking countries for English studies. That’s why, Brightstorm is a timely alternative. Brightstorm is an online learning network where students can take interactive quizzes and study guides through online video courses. The courses in Brightstorm are actually focused on passing the SAT. Personally, even if you would not take the SAT, registering online and taking the online courses would prove to be beneficial as the program covers various subjects. I think this would even help English teachers, too. Registration is free and the online student can access test drive episodes from 19 courses, for free. Though the program is not just focused on the English language, I am sure subjects on Critical Reading, Writing and Literature are good motivation to try out the online courses.

Feel free to register here and see for yourself. Registration is easy and fast.

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