Little Dynamo’s Fruit Jumble

My Little Dynamo sleeps very late at night and wakes up very late the next day. When he woke up at eight this morning, I didn’t even try to put him back to sleep despite his very obvious drowsiness. Did a lot of entertaining until I asked him if he wanted to eat fruit salad. He eagerly said yes and we went about preparing:

1 apple – cut into bite-sized pieces
strawberries (original recipe asks for grapes but I didn’t have)
unsweetened pineapple
banana, cut into slices
nuts, chopped
vanilla yogurt
2-3 tbsps of pineapple juice

I combined all fruits in a serving bowl.

I poured the yogurt in a small cup, added the pineapple juice. My son, seated on the counter table, excitedly got hold of a wooden spoon, and stirred the juice until smooth. He was triumphant when we poured the juice over the mixed fruits.

Together, we sprinkled the nuts and cinnamon.

He got this for breakfast:-)

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