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Let’s Show Our Support: Have your copy of “And God Smiled Back”

When Professor Emely Abagat emailed me about the launching of her book last December, I noted down that I will just have to ask my Pinay part-time helper to get a copy for me as she is a very active church-goer in Hyewha and could easily get one for me. Her book-launching date coincided with my vacation in the Philippines. It wasn’t until last Saturday that I finally got my copy. I immediately texted Professor Emely and she replied “I hope you will be inspired by the book“. I bought the book as a gesture of support for a Filipina doing very well here in Seoul but didn’t think about reading it soon so I put it on the bookshelf. This afternoon, I had the urge to read it as my son is happily jumping on the bed entertained by the singing and dancing in the movie “Oliver”.

I remember our lunch over two years ago. I had the impression that Prof. Emely was taking her job as Chairman of the Education Committee of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants in Hyewha too seriously. I thought she was too involved with the women (Filipina women who fell victims to their Korean husbands) living in the center that at one point, Sister Angel Libron told her to “spend time not just with women in the center“. Reading her book makes me understand why.

Professor Emely brought me to the Pastoral Center after lunch and it was there where I saw a number of women who sought refuge from their abusive Korean husbands. I didn’t see children that time as it was just right after lunch. I was told that toddlers also stay there and in fact when I asked for volunteer work, Father Glenn Jaron suggested that I help take care of the toddlers. I was pregnant then, so I backed out:-) and besides I don’t have the strength of character to emphatize. Prof. Emely briefly talked about the migrant women’s situation in chapter 3 – “Bring Me To The Little Children” of her book.

When I finished reading her book, I immediately texted her “I am not a religious person but I was touched”. She  replied her thanks with the information that St. Paul’s Publishing in Manila would publish her book. The book will be available in Manila very soon. 

Let’s support our own. Get your own copy now:-). If you want to have your own copy, you may call or send her a message through her mobile phone – 0105160-2928. She is very accommodating. Betchay could attest to that.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Show Our Support: Have your copy of “And God Smiled Back”

  1. hi wendy,

    read your blog and comment about the book…thank you so much for endorsing it. i pray that a lot more people will be touched and inspired. maraming salamat po!

    ate ems

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