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Grocery Bills

We are all affected with the global economic slump, one way or another.

I see the effect in my grocery bills. A little over 100,000 won grocery bill used to be enough to cover some basic ncessities for our family of three for a month. This does not include food and clothes and cosmetics but the really basic ones for household needs like soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpastes and the like.

Last month, the counter machine generated for us more than 180,000 won. Last Sunday, our grocery bill was over 200,000 won! I admit, I have this habit of taking from the rack those I think the family needs without mentally computing how much is in the cart. What a thrifty housewife I am. But really, I only get the necessary items.  So, it isn’t just me. It’s the rising prices of commodities.

Given the continuing rise in the prices of commodities, I really should be more conscious next time…

The thing is, much as I want to consider myself meticulous, this does not extend to taking note of the prices of commodities for comparison purposes. I only know that ice cream is cheaper in the supermarket than in any convenience stores. Ice creams are sold at half of its tag price (or at least 40%) in the supermarkets:-)

I welcome any “housewifey” advice on this. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Grocery Bills

  1. Baliktad. Hehe My mom is the one who’s “turo ng turo” and my dad and I are the ones telling her we don’t need it. ^^;; I can’t complain about the our grocery bill though ‘coz that’s the only thing I pay for as part of our household.

    eden´s last blog post..Why love Korea?

  2. I used to be the same way. I just thought of everything in the grocery store as a necessity and didn’t think twice about throwing it into my cart. Now I am realizing that we could get by with a lot less. Now I clip coupons and I try to only buy things that are on sale. I try to stock up on items that we use all the time when they are at a good price or buy them in bulk. It might cost us more now but it saves us in the long run. Plus when we have more in the house I find that we make less “emergency runs” to the store which end up costing us more.

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