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Family Bonding

Even before my husband and I got married, the gym is one of the places where we bond. We continued the habit, or the lifestyle as we prefer to call it, even during and after my pregnancy. I have no doubt in my mind that my comfortable pregnancy and easy labor is due to my regular exercise. It used to be about getting a nice-looking body but as I immersed myself into the lifestyle, it evoloved into health and fitness. I don’t have a slim figure as (I believe) I used to have (my bulges scream!) but I easily go about my daily routine with my toddler sans the whining for physical exhaustion.

As our Little Dynamo is growing each day, hubby and I should be getting more “creative” in our activities with our son… and we can’t give up gym time. So, weekends are maximized by having our son with us in the gym:-).

He has grown accustomed to the gym, he would sometimes say “Let’s go to the gym, mommy”. What are we going to do there?, I would ask. “Exercise”. Whenever I miss my morning exercise, I woul bring him to the gym in the middle of the day. Our mother and son tandem would go there around one o’clock in the afternoon when I am sure there would be few to none gym habitues. He loves the machines and always wishes to try them.


I get my cue from my toddler’s mood. If he gets bored after some time, off we go to the other side of the gym, the aerobics room. This then would serve as our private exercise room for a few minutes. I’m glad nobody uses the room whenever we are there. This also happens during the weekends when our family of three spends precious family time there.


As with baking, our Little Dynamo is genuinely happy with the activities that we spend together. Hubby and I discussed that we hope to expose him to more varied interests and it would be on him to decide which he would take more interest on. So far, we noticed that he grows to love the things Daddy and Mommy do (individually or as a family) because he sees us enjoying what we do. I didn’t impose baking on him but he sees my excitement as I go about learning how to bake. Neither do I tell him to help me vacuum the floor. For some reason, I feel good vacuuming the floor and cleaning the house and each time he knows I am about to take out the vacuum cleaner, he demands for his own, too. As parents, we learned from our toddler never to impose what we want him to do or to be. The genuine happiness he sees in us is enough motivation for him to do what he sees us doing. As parents, we could only hope that he continues to guide us in becoming good parents to him.

For as long as we can manage, we will continue to sweat it out and run with our toddler. Sit-ups aren’t so boring when your son takes that opportunity to play spiderman and make your legs his take-off for flying and jumping and laugh out loud when he falls flat cushioned on your stomach. Push-ups aren’t so discouraging when you know you really can’t do it but yoour son provides the perfect reason why you can’t do it – he’s playing horsey-horsey on your back. Heavy weights aren’t so heavy when you see your own toddler struggling with his own dumb bells. The list can go on… Oh, the challenges and blessings of parenthood.

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