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When Eating At Home Is Better Than Dining Out

I am the most insecure wife in the kitchen. But I am comfortable with my insecurity:-) Does that actually make sense? LOL.

Yesterday was a rare Saturday when I spent the entire afternoon preparing food for my boys. Inspired by my new electric mixer, I went on to bake Lemon Loaf. I was preparing the ingredients when I realized that I didn’t have milk. I donned on my jeans and winter jacket and went down to Family Mart at the ground floor of the building. I took the time to multi-task… brought my husband’s long-sleeve polos to the laundry and got the freshly dry-cleaned ones. Continue I did… and then… I didn’t have enough sugar. Why shy away from the chance of doing good this time? So, I went down again to buy the suddenly important sugar (Hubby and I hardly use sugar). The mixing was done with anxiousness (was I doing it right, I kept on thinking?). I know, Hubby was discreetly checking on my progress every now and then.

And then… I got it right! Happy. Happy. My husband did a good job with his compliments… and that made me continue putting to work my domestic skills.

Dinner! We had:

Even Little Dynamo had his own special plate:

and we had:

The recipe calls the above Grilled Tomato Halves… but the recipe says I had to bake it. Weird name! But it was a good and healthy addition. One tomato is actually very filling. My husband and I can hardly finish one.

And hey, what’s stopping us from opening that wine bottle?

and we did:


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