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Website Problem

I have a problem with my website. I had been in touch with my webhost for a number of days already and I hope this problem will be solved the soonest possible time.

I could post entries. I could edit my posts. But I can’t get into my individual posts. When you click the title of my posts (to read it as an individual entry or post comments), you receive the notification “the page cannot be found – 404 error”. My entries are missing:-(

I have so much to write about but I guess I will have to wait until this gets resolved.

Happy a good day!

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2 thoughts on “Website Problem

  1. betch! we weren’t able to go. nag-madagascar kami! buti lang, after a long email trail and several technical support people of my webhost, one guy diligently went over the problem and immediately solved the problem. others went around the issue and offered repeated but wrong solution.

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