“Stop Angry”

Who doesn’t feel bad after getting angry with your toddler?

No matter where the fault lies or whether there is actually any fault, I feel bad after showing my anger to my son. It is the uncontrollable anger which leaves me so guilty after. I would always hug and cuddle my two-year old after my anger fits but are the hugs and and cuddles enough to erase the memory of mommy being angry? Several times I told him “Next time when Mommy gets angry, tell Mommy to stop being angry, okay?”.

After reading his book on the bed tonight, he asked for milk and bread only because he sees bread in the book we were reading. He cried a little when I said no because he had already brushed his teeth. I gave in and of course, he didn’t finish one slice of bread. That irritated me big time and I kept on letting him feel my anger. After brushing his teeth we went back to bed and read a book again. He felt that I was still angry.

“I’m sorry, Mommy. Hug Mommy. Kiss Mommy.”

Still angry.

“Stop Angry, Mommy”.

I hugged him.

“I love you, Mommy”.

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