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Price of Virginity – CNN Report Makes Me Remember “Memoirs of a Geisha”

I just read this news feature from CNN today. It is about Natalie Dylan’s auction for her virginity, the highest bid now amounts to US$3.8M from a 39-year old Australian man. The report states that the woman has no plans to settle the auction yet. Wanting more, perhaps?

Immediately, “Memoirs of a Geisha” came to mind. Intrigued by the title, I randomly picked the book years ago from Powerbooks. It was years before everyone heard about it when it was made into a movie. I was immediately transfixed I finished the novel in no time. As with any other book any one of us read, there is a part/a scene/an idea which lingers. Aside from Sayuri’s blue-grey eyes, which was made the biggest part of her attraction, it was the cunning orchestration of her mentor, Mameha, for the bidding of her virginity which stayed on me… until today. Geishas in Japan were trained since childhood. As the book showed, they  had to undergo tough training to become a most sought-after geisha by the rich and influential. In Sayuri and Mameha’s case, their virginity was the prize to the highest bidder. Sayuri broke her mentor’s record and she was able to pay off  all her training debts and was adopted by the “Mother” of the geisha house where she was sold as a child.

Do you ever wonder who stands as the victim here? She who sells or he who buys.

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