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Holiday Hang-over

We’re back here in Seoul… to normal life as we know it:-)

While my husband has to readjust to working life after a hiatus of 2 weeks, my holiday hang-over is over the morning after we arrived. Gone are the days I woke up smelling food on the table, careless whether the house is clean or not, and unmindful of the security and entertainment of my Little Dynamo for I am certain that he is well taken cared of and entertained the whole day (and night) through.

This morning, I woke up and had to entertain my son with Barney so he would forget his hunger. Without anything for breakfast, the both of us went out for lunch and I was just so pleasantly surprised to see my son behaving and eating very well on his own in a restaurant. He was actually using spoon and fork on his own. Then I had to go out to fill up our refrigerator. Thanks to the friendly and tip-free delivery service of supermarkets here, all I had to was wait for my purchases in the apartment. Then, there’s this long-overdue laundry of my husband. Polos were claimed and sent to the laundry. All these, my son took as his playtime.

Tomorrow’s the start of receiving friends. A Vietnamese expat’s wife is coming over with his son. Then there’s the always-present Cristin who hates to be called by her Korean name… Got to also inform Filipino friends that I’m back!

… and I haven’t cleaned our month-long empty house yet.

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