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Seoul is covered with snow.

Drowsily waking up from lack of sleep, my husband and I were met with snow-covered buildings around us. It’s snowing! Since we only came back last January 6, this is our first snow for the year.

Yesterday, I was talking to my Little Dynamo and I was telling him that when it snows we are going out to play. We are indeed going out today… for his follow-up check-up with the doctor. He has severe throat inflammation (this I am used to!) AND urinary tract infection. For a two year old! Hearing him say “Birdie hurting” (we call his private part birdie) breaks my heart.

I’m sure he will be very excited when he wakes up and the idea of going out again would thrill him. It would be a lot of willpower to stop him from going down his stroller to play.


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1 thought on “All-White

  1. poor baby… i think that’s one of the reasons i’m so hesitant to work full-time… i’ll feel so guilty kung may sakit ang baby and kailangan ko mag-work… ay kaka-guilty… kakainggit ka… hindi mo kailangan mag-work 🙂

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