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5 Days, 5 Nights

Hubby: Anak, come here. Dadddy has something to tell you.

Little Dynamo: (on Daddy’s lap)

Hubby: When you wake tomorrow morning, Daddy will not be with you. Daddy is going on a business trip, okay?

Little Dynamo: (nodding his head)

Hubby: While Daddy is out, you are the man of the house. You are going to take care of Mommy, okay?

Little Dynamo: Yes.

Hubby: So, who is going to be the man of the house?

Little Dynamo: (saying his name)

Hubby: Who are you going to take care?

Little Dynamo: Mommy.


5 days, 5 nights. Sunday will be filled with hugs and kisses.

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