Where We Knew That We Were Going To Have Our Little Dynamo

It was on March 4, 2006 when we learned that I was pregnant with our Little Dynamo. It was the night before my husband was to leave for Seoul.

My husband got us a room in the then newly-opened Crowne Plaza Hotel beside Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas. My brother-in-law excitedly gave us a pregnancy kit, expecting that we give them the good news of my pregnancy. Hubby and I kept it a secret until our dinner in Dampa that night. I first texted my parents, who were in Iloilo, about my pregnancy. During dinner, my mother-in-law looked like she won a million when, without warning, I showed them the positive result on the pregnancy kit I used that afternoon.

Why do I suddenly reminisce that afternoon of more than two years ago? Because we are now billeted in the same hotel… with our Little Dynamo.  Hubby and I got a good time telling our son about that afternoon more than two years ago. His young mind could only process much, so he just grinned.

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