Subic 2008

The oldest “apo” at 14 years old planned and coordinated our December 28 Subic trip. Driving though SCTex was a breeze.

The view at the picnic area where we stopped for lunch was, to say the least, breathtaking. The kids enjoyed romping around. After lunch, we allowed the kids to walk at the shore.

What really caught everyone’s excitement were the freely roaming monkeys. We stopped several times, entertained by the freedom they exhibited. But visitors should not feed them anything. I think that’s just wise so as not to endanger them.


The Zoobic Safari was quite a disappointment. There was no option to take separate trips. One has to take the whole package at Php395 for adults and P295 for kids below 4feet. We had to go through the orientation with a tour guide, watch a mediocre parade of animals, go through the zoo featuring native animals, line up for a close encounter with caged tigers and ride the safari in a very small enclosure (very small for a safari ride) only to see 2 tigers! We had to endure going up and down our own cars. I think that’s what made the whole trip more tiring.


I would definitely not recommend a trip to the Zoobic Safari unless improvements will be made.

Anyway, we noted how careful the drivers are in Subic. Some of these are the same drivers who recklessly do not follow traffic rules in Manila. All it takes is the perception that the place is strict in the enforcement of traffic rules to have a safe and clean road:-)

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