Revisiting my Alma Mater

Vacation in Iloilo City couldn’t be complete without revisiting my Alma Mater, the Colegio de San Jose (CSJ).

This vacation year was even more special as it was a good time to introduce my Little Dynamo to my teachers. Imagine my kindergarten teacher meeting my 2 year old son! The picture below shows the same room I used 26 years ago with the same kindergarten teacher, Miss Umadhay (in white).

My son sweated it out running on the same grounds we used for flag ceremonies. When I graduated from high school in 1993, we were a class of just over 200. We had our graduation in the auditorium. Last March, the graduation of the high school students was held in this open ground. They must have grown in number:-)

I was surprised at the surprise exhibited by a job interviewer I encountered when he learned that I graduated from a batch of only 200 students. I didn’t think it was uncommon. Batches prior to our batch were even fewer as CSJ used to be an all-girls school. The nuns decided, during the mid 80’s, to convert the school into a co-ed school, thus the increase in our number.

It was good to be back… till the next years ahead…

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