My Sunday Morning Philippine Experience

It saddens me that I have to share my unpleasant experiences last Sunday. But the experiences gave me a depressing realization that some things just could not change.

It started off with my PAL encounter. As my husband cannot bring me and my son back to the airport, I had to take a taxi that afternoon. After settling on the back seat, the driver immediately told me, “Dagdagan nyo na lang po. Kayo na bahala.” I wanted to ask why but I tempered the desire to speak my mind out. I was determined to be in a positive mode especially after what I had to go through that morning. As we were progressing towards the airport, I noticed that the taxi meter was unnaturally moving fast. I eventually had to pay P180.00 from the New World Renaissance Hotel to Terminal 2. That’s very, very fast. The driver had to innocently say that he just drove the taxi. I don’t think poverty should give any one of us an excuse to take advantage of others. The taxi service when I left the Philippines three years ago was bad. Unscrupulous drivers and fast taxi meters, to name just two. It’s still a practice to this day.

Upon arriving at the airport, I immediately went back to the counter where I made an early check-in. The staff was very friendly but she told me that she cannot give me my son’s boarding pass (my son was already with my husband at this time) until I have my son with me. My claim stubs for my baggages were attached to my son’s boarding pass. Surprise! The boarding pass was not endorsed to any of the staff on duty at any of the counters. I had to remind myself that I should maintain my composure. Smile I continuously did during the waiting time. I had to gently remind them that I had an unpleasant experience with one of them and one of their supervisors that morning. I told them that I hope I won’t have another unpleasant experience. The smile never left my face but mind you, it was the greatest effort I had to exert. They kept on calling Janet Cabrera (the staff involved) until she calmly but innocently appeared after her break time. She panicked after being told by another staff and had to apologetically hand the boarding pass to me.

Even if our country does not have the technological advances of other countries, it would have been good to know that as a people, we could make up for this.

Apparently, we are still far behind even in terms of what we can offer as a person sans the aid of technology.

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