It’s the Gravy!

Jollibee is undeniably the Philippine’s number one fastfood chain. I know of no kid who does not become fascinated with the Jollibee mascot. Count my son in!

And it’s not just the mascot. After giving him a spoonful of food, he would rub his tummy and throw his “kenkoy” satisfied look. There’s a catch! It isn’t just any Jollibee food, though. It’s the chickenjoy dipped in its gravy. He would say, “Chicken put this one here (pointing to the gravy”. The chicken goes back to the tray when there is none.

Here’s the Jolly Spaghetti with 1 piece chickenjoy at Php100.00:

It does tickle the Filipino taste buds. Yummy!

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1 thought on “It’s the Gravy!

  1. i suddenly remembered my Ate Donna’s first vacation from singapore. we never saw her enter jollibee before since she always got free McDo coupons or discount cards or freebies from her former boss, owner of McDo baguio franchises and the sunshine we were all excited to see her and of course, we looked forward to a wonderful lunch with her. but all we just heard from her was “Jollibee tayo, miss na miss ko talaga jollibee” and we all said “”huh?”” totoo ba to? my youngest sister also blurted out that she never even saw her enter Jollibee and yet she was telling us then that she missed jollibee a lot. but it’s the Pinoy food she actually misses…

    jehan´s last blog post..Little Cacheros…

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