I am Peter Parker!

A day before we left Seoul, husband and son were watching two men cleaning the glass windows of the apartments in Trapalace. They were hooked on a rope and rapelling up, down and sideways. This fascinated my Little Dynamo and my husband promptly perked up some more of his interest by calling the men “Spiderman”. From then on, he was talking about Spiderman nonstop. He would do his pretend play of looking for and finding Spiderman. He would sing “Spiderman, Spiderman friendly neighborhood Spiderman!” until sleeping time. Hubby and I would feign sleep but it does nothing to stop him from singing. At one point, I told him, “Stop singing. Sing again tomorrow”. He cried! He keeps on saying, “Sing Spiderman”.

When we arrived here in Manila, the tolerant Mommy came over me. All we have to do is walk to the connecting corridor from the Crowne Plaza Hotel to Robinson’s Galleria. Very convenient! So, the Little Dynamo got his Spiderman slippers, face towel, bath towel and books! While waiting for our take-out lunch, here’s my very calm son:

Upon arriving at the hotel room, he wasted no time donning on his slippers and “Mommy, read story about Spiderman”. Lunch time was a battle between reading his Spiderman books and letting him chew his food. Naptime was a repetition of the set over and over again and he declared “I am Peter Parker, Mommy!”

The Spiderman books purchase was a confirmation of how expensive things are in Seoul. I only got this set for Php299.00.


It’s approximately 6,000 won in Seoul. I don’t think I could get a set priced like that there. 🙂

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