Cradle of the Ilonggo Revolution Against the Spanish Rule

We laid her to her final rest… Manang Bini, my grandmother and my mother’s aunt, last Sunday, December 14, 2008 at the Santa Barbara Cemetery. She was the one who took care of me and my brother when we were toddlers. She continued to take care of us during vacation time when we spend our summers in Santa Barbara during our pre-teen years.

The necrological mass was held at the historic Santa Barbara Church. I took the time to revisit history, as well.


This is where the Ilonggo hero, General Martin Delgado, “convened the junta that raised the first Cry of Revolution against Spain outside Luzon. Its churchyard that time was packed with Filipino soldiers, armed with bolos and eager to fight for freedom”. Thus, the church was aptly called “The Cradle of the Ilonggo Revolution Against the Spanish Rule”.


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2 thoughts on “Cradle of the Ilonggo Revolution Against the Spanish Rule

  1. This is about the country’s flag and the town of Santa Barbara, Iloilo.

    Gordon’s proposed bill adding yet another ray to the Philippine flag should concern all Filipinos but most especially us Ilonggos.
    The eight rays within the white triangle represent the towns within Luzon that fathered the Philippine Revolution.

    However, Santa Barbara, which actively participated under General Delgado, was never represented in the flag.

    Gordon and even Puentebella maintain that Muslim resistance to colonial rule merits a ray. Problem is, Mindanao is already one of three stars that mark our flag.

    Whatever for is this bill? It begs a timely answer- acknowledge the ” Cry of Santa Barbara” in it’s proper context.

    Omon Maravilla
    Oct 3, 2009

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