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The Benefit of Being A Frequent Hotel Transient

Overseas development is my husband’s area. Needless to say, that brings him out of the country a lot of times. Instead of talking about the lonely nights, here’s one reason why my son loves to see his Dad coming home each time.

It is never hard to ask my Little Dynamo to have his bath. Just say the magic words “Bubble Bath”. With his penchant for daily bubble baths, we have never bought a bubble bath to this day. Aside from the body wash he had been using since the day he was born, we have a steady supply of bubble baths courtesy of my husband’s hotel stays. My husband would always bring home┬ámany small bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner and┬álotion bottles of hotel supplies:-) How he always ends up with so many bottles after leaving a hotel remains a wonder.

Of course, the bubble baths are what excites our Little Dynamo. When in the bath tub, he would always bargain for more time and more bottles. How we will manage this winter to bring him out of the tub… that I leave to divine intervention:-)

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