Terrible Twos

My son is turning 2 years old today. He is officially entering his “Terrible Twos” stage.

My! What a journey we had for the past two years… and we are just eagerly awaiting more years ahead with this precious Little One. My husband and I are looking forward to his party later and we just hope he would enjoy being with playmates. His joy is our heart’s desire.

Happy birthday, Little One!

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4 thoughts on “Terrible Twos

  1. hi ate Wendy…. jehan here.. thank you very much for your warm welcome and for the nice party yesterday.. my husband craved for chicken wings, nakarami, haha… as ate Minnie said, korean men dont usually eat chicken wings, but when Alex (my husband) was still in the Philippines, i told him then that we really look for the wings first when eating (lechon) chicken since they are really tasty compared to the other parts of the chicken…

    hope to see you again and makabawi kay Le Ruof… warm regards to kuya Manny din po…

    from both of us….

    jehan´s last blog post..The Warmest Day in Autumn… November 1, 2008

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