My Little Boy Now Demands For His Privacy

For several days now, my Little Dynamo wants me out of the bathroom when he takes a bath. At 2 years old! He wants to play on his own. He pretends to swim in the bathtub. When he sees me peek into the bathroom, he would say, “No, no, Mommy. Mommy going out.” I would discreetly look into him every now and then and what does he do? He talks! It’s as if he’s talking to someone or commanding someone. Funny little thing!

This morning, he closed the shower curtain just as I usually do. My little boy now wants his privacy? LOL.Whenever I ask him to go out of the tub, he would always bargain with me. “Last, Mommy. Last”. I would oblige:-) Truth be told, I get my chance to do other household chores whenever he wants me out of the picture. Or, I get my hands on my keyboards. Like now:-) I could hear my Little Dynamo singing “Itsy, Bitsy Spider”. And he changes “Itsy, Bitsy Spider” to “Big, Big Daddy/Mommy”. Really funny little thing…

Got to get him out of the tub now…

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