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Logic and Language Learning to a 2 year old

Breakfast time. 

Little Dynamo: Chips, please.

Me: No. Finish the bread first.

Me: Drink your juice.

Little Dynamo: (pointing to his full mouth) Finish first.


We were reading a book titled “The Happy Prince”.

Me: “One day, on the way south, a swallow stopped by the statue”. This (pointing to the swallow) is a bird.

Little Dynamo: No, mommy no. Swallow (made a swallowing motion with his mouth).


Hubby and I were talking while hubby was playing with our son.

Hubby: (jokingly said) Life sucks!

Little Dynamo: (taking off his socks) like this, like this. ( Ltd.)

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1 thought on “Logic and Language Learning to a 2 year old

  1. naku… be careful with the language! LOL… i once said “gagu” jokingly to my husband and the boy overheard me saying it… from that time on he would say it whenever he thinks i’m doing something silly

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