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How To Get Back

I don’t just get mad. I get even.

So, when the hubby enjoys the expat lifestyle of being here in Seoul and goes with the flow of binge drinking, what do I do?

I savor every minute of long distance calls to the Philippines. Sweet revenge.

I can’t wait for the next bill:-)

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Back

  1. hahahahaha….nice technique…..in my case i lock the doors and refuse to let my husband in the house…..if he goes beyond 12am there’s absolutely no way he can sleep in our bedroom….bwahahahahahaha…i hate the binge drinking culture in korea….it’s always drink until you drop but you can’t blame our husbands for that, it’s part of “pakikisama”……i just hope there’s some other way to do it because most of the time medyo NAPIPILITAN lng sila……if they don’t go with the flow(even if they are not heavy/good drinkers like my hubby)their working relationship suffers….kainis noh?

    cher´s last blog post..Two babies by next year….kkkk

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