Goodwill Begets Goodwill

I have mentioned in my blog “Corporate Daycares” that I volunteered to teach English to toddlers in my husband’s company. I begged off from continuing due to my schedule. Some toddlers come over my house for English toddler class, too. Anyway, I already stopped all classes this November as I am preparing for my month-long┬áholidays in the Philippines.

The principal of the nursery/day care invited me and my husband for a thank you lunch last Wednesday. And she gave me a goodwill gift for my effort. Isn’t it nice? It was one volunteer work knowing that I will get nothing in return but an hour or two of playtime for my son with the other toddlers in the nursery. I did bring my son to the nursery twice. He immensely enjoyed playing with the other kids.

Even the thank you lunch was unexpected. The gift was a bonus.

Goodwill begets goodwill.

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