“Fat” Anecdotes

Going to the playroom, we always pass by the gym. One time:

Me: Can Mommy go to the gym while you play?

Little Dynamo: Mommy fat.


Putting on his clothes:

Me: Big tummy baby… fat, big tummy.

Little Dynamo: Like Mommy.


Little Dynamo was looking at my picture in a two-piece bikinion my 7th month pregnancy. Pointing at my tummy:

Little Dynamo: Mommy fat.


tsk. tsk. tsk. My body had been aching to go back to the gym. It’s almost a month now… the cold climate makes me sleep longer. I usually take the time before the little one is awake and before the hubby leaves for the office. When the hubby is out on a business trip, I take the stroller and allow my Little Dynamo to sleep there while I sweat it out in the gym. The stroller is conspicuously park on the side. Good thing, only a few gym rats are there when my son takes his nap:-)

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