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Economics of Shopping

As an expat family here in Seoul, holiday gift shopping is no longer just a question of who to buy gifts for.

When before I would just list down all the people that we want to give holiday gifts to (and cross out some names lest we come out penniless after the holidays), this recession season requires us to decide where to shop for these gifts. You see, we have to do the math based on the currency conversions both of the won and the Philippine peso against the US dollar.

Off we (my husband and I) went to Namdaemun last Saturday to buy our christmas gifts for the kids back in the Philippines. Yes, after doing our math, we figured that it would prove cheaper for us to buy here rather than convert the deeply affected Won to dollars and upon arriving in the Philippines, convert the US dollars to Philippine peso. If we are earning US dollars, then the “splurging” will be in the Philippines. But, of course, 1USD is now almost Php50.00. It is a far cry from last year’s 1:41.

We’re almost done. By this week’s end, we should have marked everyone in the list. Can’t afford to spend much for the holidays. Recession.

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4 thoughts on “Economics of Shopping

  1. hi cher, goodluck! i’m sure excited ka ng makita ang baby mo:-)

    hi betchay, ok lang po. natawa lang si manuel kasi ang daldal daw nya at konti lang nakain nya. tapos sasabihin daw nila na kain muna sya. pano daw sya kain kung salita naman sya ng salita. hehehe. at least, di nasayang gym nya… uyyy, di naman 3 hours yun… see yah next year!

  2. hey thank you so much for the interview… hiya nga ako kasi we stole 3 hours of your time… hiya rin ako for my classmates, super kurips at pagkatapos ng lahat eh dun lang nila naisip na mas maganda nga na kain muna tapos coffee later… pagkatapos ng lahat!

    anyway, bilib naman sila kay M dahil hindi pa sila nakausap ng pinoy guy ever… and i mean every word i said sa text message

  3. i sent a package back home and i was so surprised because sending the package was more expensive than the actual gift itself….kkkkk…..i envy you….you’ll be spending the holidays in the philippines, i’ll probably be stuck in the delivery room by that time….kkkk….take care

    cher´s last blog post..Two babies by next year….kkkk

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