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Corporate Daycares

For more than a month, I volunteered to teach English to toddlers in the LGCNS nursery. The nursery has more than 30 toddlers ranging from 1 to 4 year olds (2 to 5 years old Korean age). I only taught the 3 and 4 year old toddlers as I think the younger ones are too young to have a long attention span.  The children are very receptive to the English language and they joyfully sang some nursery rhymes. Looking at them, I am sure the woking moms of LGCNS must be really grateful for this day care center within their company’s premises. It is just on the second floor of their building. The kids are brought to the nursery as early as 8am. Some go home at 5pm or even as late as 8pm, depending on the availability of their halmonis or ajumas. Without others to pick them up, the other toddlers would wait for their working moms.

The children look so at ease with their teachers. The teachers teach them, play with them, brush their teeth. With the number of hours they spend in the nursery, they wear house clothes throughout the day. It couldn’t be a boring place  for kids. Aside from occassional outdoor activities, they have ample space for playing and enough toys to entertain them, not to mention having each other to play with. This is one nursery equipped wth its own projector aswell. I mean, it is not common, but it is not unlikely either that a day care center has its own piano and other well-maintained musical instruments, but seeing it equipped with its own projector is something to laud it with. I am sure the moms feel at ease that their toddlers have enough to keep them stimulated. And they can go on with their work worry-free. So, you see, the company does not just do good service to their married women employees, they get productive married women employees as well.

I ended my volunteer work with them but my son can’t forget playing student as he sat down with the other kids when I brought him to the nursery once. He proudly sat with them and said, “Mommy teach”.

I learned that the nursery has a long “waitlisted” list. It’s such a pity, my son can’t qualify… only his Dad works with the company:-).

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