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It’s 2am South Korea time.

I ain’t sleeping. I ain’t sleepy. Blogging is caffeine. I’m hooked. I’m addicted.

Writing is a given. I love to write. Anything and everything that comes to mind. But blogging has brought another reason for me to be awake… away from the warm body of my husband and my toddler. I’m engrossed with blogging networks. Entrecard occupies my computer time, next to writing. Today, I made 63 drops. I concede, this number is small compared with dedicated droppers out there but this is my highest so far… since I started with entrecard. I do love taking a peek into other people’s lives so I read the interesting ones that come my way. More than the need to increase my traffic, I leave comments to posts that interest me. And then there’s the Blog Catalog network. It’s good to discover other people’s interest through blogging. And I admittedly browse through on the sites who leave a message for me or those who answer on the questions I posted in the discussion board.

What makes me stop? My son usually cries out for me in the middle if the night. That makes me hurriedly shut down my computer… But my mind remains active and still wander around trying to figure out this world of blogging.

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1 thought on “Addicted!

  1. oh, oh! i know the feeling. and like coffee, I try to limit myself (at times) and still fail. But i’m working on it! My headaches, migraines and tummy pains help me stay away from the computer. *winks* write more… i luv to read ur blogs.

    =thess=´s last blog post..

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