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A Very Moving Blog

Since I started this blogsite, I was kidded by my husband as a blog addict. Truly, I am addicted to blogging that after my husband and my son snore I would get up from bed and continue writing or browsing through other sites. I do mostly dropping entrecards on other sites.

Today, for some reason, a blog site which I visit every now and then caught my attention and I continued reading and reading. I hope she doesn’t mind but I was deeply moved by her story. She is a mom… with cancer.

From her writings, I have become a great admirer of how strong and brave she is… while undergoing chemotherapy during her pregnancy. To all women and mommies out there, you might want to take a few moment and read her story. She is a source of strength.

I didn’t ask permission to write about her. She would know upon seeing my trackback for her and I could only hope she doesn’t mind.

Sandi, you are one great mom. Thank you for sharing your story.

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