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Would You Like to Wear Red?

Do you like dressing up? Do you spend a lengthy time before finally deciding on what to wear? Do you visualize how you look before you don on a dress?

What color do you like? What color do you think you look best at?

There’s an interesting study from the University of Rochester in New York which concluded that: WHEN MEN SEE RED, THEY SEE HOT. The same study said that men act like animals in the sexual realm.

It is interesting to know that one woman could elicit different reactions from men when she wears a shirt of different colors. When a woman wears red, men would more likely ask her out and lavish more money on her.

Hmmmm… bring out your red dress, ladies!

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3 thoughts on “Would You Like to Wear Red?

  1. Watch out for Le Ruof Weng! I read from a book that RED is Scorpio’s color. I was surprised wen I read it! I’m not sure though (or can’t remember) if RED strongly attracts a Scorpio guy. I’m pretty sure it says, Scorpios intense sensuality is very much associated with color red. It says that for a female scorpio, we are drawn to a feminine aura (pink color) but secretly would love to be lavished with romantic attention (red color). Primarily our official color is red because we have that very intense passion and we are by far the most romantic zodiac, ever!. (hehe!)

    ~*~ thess ~*~´s last blog post..How shopping could break my heart!

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