When Watching Becomes Educational


As a mom, I have always been against the idea of allowing a baby to watch television. To this day, my son does not watch TV. After he turned one year old, we introduced him to the Barney and Sesame Street DVDs. He loves singing and dancing with the show. I only have to insist that there shall be no DVD playing at night time, more so during sleeping time. So far, so good. I think, my husband and I have firmly planted the love for reading to our son for despite the additional entertainment, he consistently asks for his books.

To minimize video watching during the day, I convinced my husband that we take the TV out of the living room as we spend most of our time there during the day. That way, I still have control over the time spent viewing the TV screen. But, I also asked that the computer table be transferred to the living room. My almost-2 year old son outsmarted me on this. Instead of asking for “Barney”, he now asks me for “Youtube”. Arrrrgggghhhhh… internet age!

Here’s a favorite he sings along with:


If not for videos like the one above, I would have to be forced to sneak away from  my son if I want to check on my mails, or chat with friends or blog. That would really be hard! Wonders of this small screen to parents all over the world. Not only do I do multi-tasking (chat, blog, answer emails, take care of my son), I have wonderful cuddling moments with my son while he shares half of the computer screen with me.

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1 thought on “When Watching Becomes Educational

  1. Barney and Sesame Street has always been a favorite for toddlers. Have you tried “Thomas The Tank Engine”? I babysat lots of boys back then.. and I discovered that Thomas is like a 3rd phase of their lives. Thomas’ videos are very educational. A movie was even made from one of its books: “Thomas and the Magic Railroad”. The playset is awesome, although expensive, still a good buy. I can’t pull out Ethan, my nephew, everytime we visit a toy store because they have a Thomas playset inside that any boys can play (for free).

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