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Jon Santos: Married in Toronto, Canada


Four years ago, a very dear gay friend and I discussed about gay marriage. He is proud to be gay and he is doing very well in his profession. As with all the other gays, he wants equality and respect. But this does not translate to him pushing for gay marriage. But, of course, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. My own opinion is too lengthy to be written in this post.

I belatedly came across a news¬†about a popular impersonator in the Philippines, Jon Santos. He recently came out with his marriage to West Stewart, an Italian-American who works as a consultant in the Philippines. They had been married for three years already in Toronto, Canada, where same sex marriage is legal. Needless to say, Santos’ marriage to Stewart, in so far as the Philippine law is concerned, is not recognized. The Philippines does not recognize such a union. But does it matter to Jon Santos? The man is happy. And his marriage is recognized in Canada:-)

Will this serve an inspiration to the Filipino gays? Hmmmm… if there is an influx of gay visitors from the Philippines to Toronto in the coming months…

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