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Holiday Gift List


While my son was sleeping this afternoon, I was writing his guest list for his upcoming 2nd birthday. And then… the Christmas season is coming. Oh yes, back in the Philippines, the Christmas season starts when the month ends with -ber. I wrote down our gift list.

My parents, my husband’s parents, nieces and nephews, godsons and goddaughters, friends, friends’ children, wedding sponsors… the list goes on. My husband would surely strike out some names on the list. His thoughts would go like, “what do you think of me, a money machine?”

Definitely, most names on the list are children. As they say, “Christmas is for kids”. More than the gift, it is the act of giving which the kids should be made to realize. Some maybe too young to understand. But they must eventually be made to underdstand.

I remember reading somewhere before about how to make your child appreciate the act of giving. Let the child participate. This Christmas season maybe a good time to do that with my son.

The most that we were able to do last year was to let him personally had out the gift. During the family gift-giving, we emphasized our desire to  let our son be able to say “thank you” to the giver despite the usual rushed-up activity.

This time, I will still not be able to let my son choose which gift to give to whom but I think it would be exciting to make him participate in the gift-wrapping:-)

The gift list is quite long already and I only had around 30 minutes writing the names down. My husband would  surely dread the coming days when more names will be added on the list. But then again, themoney comes from him… that would definitely give him the last say.

I hear a sigh of relief.


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