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I am not exactly new to the blogging world. I currently have my multiply page which I have been maintaining for the past two years but I am taking blogging to the next level… my own web blog!

The encouragement… and the money… to pay for my web blog comes from my husband. But, of course! I am a stay-at-home mommy who takes care of our one and only (so far!) son in a land where everything takes a lot of adjustment to. From my birth country, the Philippines, my husband and I moved to Seoul to be an expatriate family.  We are still living here in Seoul, with a few friends who make life beautiful!

Since I am new to my own web blog, I got a great deal of help from Betchay in setting up One Tuesday afternoon, I bribed her with food through a text message to come over my house and help me make sense out of this new world of terminologies. The food that I bribed her with was actually only a roll cake purchased on sale 🙂 from Paris Baguette. Did she go home satisfied with my offering? Your guess is as good as mine. But I burned the midnight oil for the next few nights figuring out what has been taught to me in a few hours of that Tuesday afternoon. My thanks to Betchay whom I met through… blogging, but of course!

With a design I am satisfied with for the moment, I am ready to write and write and write! I am so excited! I may change my settings every now and then… I am still new, after all:-) But, I am ready!

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4 thoughts on “For the Record

  1. June – thanks for the goodluck wishes. do need that:-)

    blogger wannabe – thanks for dropping by. i’ll try to do as requested, though I’m not sure you could get much info from me:-) i got a lot of help, too, and i am extremely thankful for that. you are most welcome to visit as often as you like. have a good day!

  2. Hi!

    I saw your blog from the LiveFeed tracker of Technomad and saw that you are just new blogger. I myself would like to start blogging. Would you mind posting a blog detailing your A-Z experience in opening your blog?

    Seems like it would be fun to hear from you how you started.

    Thanks and will visit your site more and more!

  3. Well goodluck with your blogging!!! I hope you can share to the world things that nurture your soul when your cradle rocks you…

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