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Filipinos Can’t Teach English in Korea?

The Korean Government does not hide its preference for native English speakers to teach English in Korea. In fact, under Korean law, only those from the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom (what else do I miss?) can be granted the E2 visa (teaching visa).

You would think no Filipino teaches Koreans here in South Korea. Talk about bending the law? You have Filipino teachers who are Korean spouses. They can teach legally here in South Korea. Check this October 13 job ad from Korean Herald:

Job Title: Filipino English Teacher

I am not giving false hopes to Filipinos who would like to teach here in Korea. I also don’t think it is proper to beg for a teaching job here in Korea. The above job ad is applicable to FIlipinos currently living here. In fact, I personally think some hagwons or english institutions do not really care much about the type of visa you hold. Of this I speak from experience. I was hired:-) But, I only worked for one hour and didn’t go back. The lady director was nice but she didn’t ask for my visa or my resume.

This is not an encouragement to bend the law to work in your favor. But even with the Korean government’s law against giving teacher visas to non-native english speakers, there is an undeniable reality out there that Filipinos do teach English here in South Korea.

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1 thought on “Filipinos Can’t Teach English in Korea?

  1. Yes you’re right! Even KOREANS come and visit PHILIPPINES just to study English. A lot of Koreans are here and study and there are also over staying ones…They even get there MA MBA here! hmpft! Cmon!

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