Many people are taking the steps to simplify their lives. Most of us have lived pretty cluttered, complicated, materialistic lives. It never takes long for people with lots of possessions to realise that ‘things’ aren’t the key to happiness, like so many believed in the past. This guide to simplifying your life will help you… Read More

Moving house is very stressful, and can lead to many a night of lost sleep. You have to worry about packing everything up in time for the removal men coming. You have to worry about keeping the kids occupied and not letting them get bored and restless, and even emotional. You even have to worry… Read More

Whenever I go back home to Iloilo, I always touch base with my Catholic faith. There’s no way out of it especially when my aunt is also at home for vacation. She secretly dislikes my going to a Christian church in Seoul but there’s no way she can do anything about it either:-). I learned… Read More

It’s so important that we keep our property safe for our children. There are so many errors we can make which can see our kids being put in danger. Make sure you check your burglar and fire alarm regularly to help protect your kids. Here is our ultimate guide to making your property safe for… Read More

I’m here on vacation in Iloilo, the province where I grew up . And the best thing about being on vacation in the place where I grew up in, despite being a Mom with 2 sons in tow, is getting to  be a daughter again. This morning, my Mom went to the market. When she… Read More

With Summer having only just arrived, it may seem a little premature to start thinking about Autumn already! However, when it comes to your garden, you have to. First up, there will be certain flowers and greenery that you need to plant now in order to make the most of. Also, financially, it can make… Read More

I started my veranda farming last year with my accidental discovery of how to grow potatoes. From then on, it was a nonstop affair with veranda farming and my Veranda Farmer chronicles can attest to this. Here are some of the treasures that you can find in my veranda by the Veranda Farmer (ME!): how to grow… Read More

One of the exotic food featured in “Survivor” was the Philippine’s “balut” or “balot“. It is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside. It may seem one of the most exotic (read: gross) food there is for foreigners but for my children, it is a normal “delicacy”  when we go home. It is… Read More

Most of us are looking forward to the better weather. It gives us a chance to enjoy entertaining in the garden and outside spaces of our homes. And when the heat is on, the garden could be the best place to cool off after dark. If you’re looking for inspiration to decorate and use the… Read More

Sulyapinoy is a Filipino publication that comes out monthly for the Filipino community here in South Korea. It is the official publication of the Filipino EPS Workers Association. But thanks to its Chairman of the Board and its Editor-in-Chief, my son had his first article published.   LeRuof, my 9-year old Firstborn son, wrote about… Read More