I admire the way Koreans dress in Hanbok while going around Seoul. They may be going to family events like birthdays, or they may be celebrating holidays like Chuseok and Lunar New Year. I sometimes see a group of giggling girl groups. I like how they casually stroll around parks, streets and subways in their national… Read More

When you’re an adult, you’ll hit certain points where you’ll want to do some home improvement. It may be to get a better price in the house when you sell it, or simply to make the place a little more suited to you and your family. While you and your spouse may love the last… Read More

When you think of the state of California, you think of great sun, beautiful people and perhaps a culture of excess. It’s possible to enjoy the best of California while taking it a bit slower, however. The next time you’re in State, take a trip to the capital, instead. Sacramento has everything you need for… Read More

The family’s back here in Seoul after a 6-week summer vacation in the Philippines. It would have been great to extend a few more days had it not been for my second son’s entry to primary school. He had a New Students Orientation last 11th but classes officially start on the 16th. Yes! Our second… Read More

Through the course of our lives, there are various points where we need our homes to be a little larger. Perhaps there are more kids on the way, a relative is coming to live with you for a while, or maybe you’re starting a home business or some other big project. Whatever the reason, you… Read More

′Are you putting the land around your home to good use? Many people have more land than they know what to do with. Some people are happy with a few square feet, and they’re not sure how to use anything more. Selling or renting extra land is sometimes an option if you don’t want to… Read More

Selling your home is one of the most stressful things you will ever have to do. It’s likely you’ll have to declutter and re-decorate some rooms to make them appeal to potential buyers. While preparing your home is crucial, there is another area which many homeowners forget about. Your garden is an important area of… Read More

Our 5-week vacation here in Iloilo was marked with 4 deaths and 2 funerals (we can’t attend the other 2 since we are scheduled to leave tomorrow night for Manila and on the 8th for Seoul). Funeral photos never saw the light of my facebook screen (I don’t have other SNS). Not for anything else… Read More

Typical of a Philippine town setting in the old days is a plaza surrounded by a big church, big houses and mansions. It is the glorious old days dominated by the mestizas and mestizos who were highly-regarded for their colonial looks and moneyed charm. Go around the Philippines and you will be entertained by these bits… Read More